Our Services

To Start  – We will schedule an appointment for a personal introduction . An Outline of various Home Watch Services we provide will be explained along with said fees for services . Those services will be invoiced in advance. Home visits will be scheduled every 7 to 10 days .  A Report will be submitted after each visit – and if during our visit any irregularities are observed – you will be contacted immediately with information.  A decision can be made by you , the homeowner,  as to how you wish to proceed.

Interior Inspection:

  • Make sure all windows / door and sliders are locked –
  • Confirm A/C is working –
  • Check for refrigerator and freezer function –
  • Flush and brush toilets
  • Removal of assorted junk mail, newspapers and catalogs
  • Confirm security system is working
  • Run water in sinks, tub and showers
  • Check for unusual odors and obvious mold conditions
  • Reset circuit breakers on timers, appliances if power outage
  • Check table, floor lamps – proper operation and bulb replacements when necessary

Exterior Inspection:

  • General overall inspection of property
  • Observe and check for any kind of vandalism or forced entry
  • Observe and confirm pool service is being maintained
  • Observe and confirm landscape service is being maintained
  • Check irrigation system has been working properly
  • Check in and out for any insect or rodent problems
  • Check for obvious water leaks

“ We care about your home – As much as our homes ! “